Welcome to vanoppen.com... I finally decided it was time to delete the page I made when I was a sophomore in high school. Due to my pathetic lack of website designing ability and lack of desire to learn how to make nicer looking websites, it is very likly that it will take a while to get somthing more than text back on this site. If you need any contact information from my, please click here to get the current info.


Given this site is on a dedicated server I probably should come up with something cooler. Anyway, for those interested, the server is a dual quad core box with 16 GB of ram located at the Spectrum Networks Walla Walla, WA POP, storage is provided via a RAID6 SAD array and a 1000 mbit/sec Ethernet connection to the Internet via Spectrum Networks's regional IP backbone.



Since this is a PHP page, it seems cool to display some info about your connection to the server since the only site I have on this server which actually talks to the local MySQL database is my blog site (networkedworld.us).

Your IP address is currently:


john :)